Google URL Shortener

What happened to the short links?

Google used to offer a url shortener, known as Google URL Shortener, to the public with their special domain goog.l designated to tiny urls. It allowed users to take any long url and turn into a short url which would consist of the domain plus 6 characters.

This is sadly no longer the case. Google URL Shortener has shut down.

The Google Shortener not only allowed you to shorten urls but also tracked how many clicks the link had received and some details about who had clicked it. Their analytics for short urls included the referrer, browser, country and platform of the user.

The project was initally launched on December 2009 and became a standalone URL shortening service on the webpage in September 2010. The service stopped accepting new users on April 13, 2018 and discountined the URL shorteneing service for existing users on March 30, 2019. Note that URLs already shortened with the Google URL Shortener still continue to work to this day - but new short URLs can not be created.

The domain is still being actively used but the URL shortening service is now exclusive to Google Products. Google Maps is one of the Google projects that still use the domain:,-123.1111209,15z/data=!3m1!5s0x5486719d2fa2d817:0x8744a3435e0647f2!4m15!1m8!3m7!1s0x4b0d03d337cc6ad9:0x9968b72aa2438fa5!2sCanada!3b1!8m2!3d56.130366!4d-106.346771!16zL20vMGQwNjBn!3m5!1s0x5486719d24e2e021:0xb7057fe085c86109!8m2!3d49.2888248!4d-123.1111209!16zL20vMDZmZG1r
to turn long URLs into a shorter and more user-friendly URLs like
Google also use other domains to shorten URLs for their internal products. Google Workspace products (formerly G Suite) such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc. use the .gle top-level-domain which is Googles own branded TLD. It is not available for public registration.
The long Google forms URL turns into a short branded domain with a 17-characters long identifier

Google seem to no longer be relying on their Google URL Shortener service internally, which created short URLs with a 6 character long identifier. Instead they rely on their new service, Firabase Dynamic Links and use settings that use a 13 character long identifier.

These URLs are short, but by no means tiny. If you care about the length of your the url then you are better off using services such as (this site) as we use the domain with just 2-4 characters for identification. We shorten links without account creation.

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Google URL Shortener alternative

A good alternative to Google URL Shortener is ! One compelling argument for using our services instead of Google Short URLs is that our service still exists.

Other reasons for shortening your URLs with us include;