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Users who click on your short url will be redirected to the first destination where they satisfy all the selected filters. The default destination will be used if nothing else matches.

Default destination [+add]

Used if none of the criterias below are met.


Short URLs can be used for a multitude of things. Having a short url is in itself useful to share links without taking up a lot of space. Clickable.me allows you to do more than simply shorten your urls!

Redirect to Google Play or App Store

Promoting an app or video game? Share one short link on your website that automatically detects the users device and redirects them to the correct store. Simply add two destinations - one to your App Store with an IOS filter and one to the Play Store with an Android filter.

Let the default destination be your website or Steam page (desktop users will be redirect here).

Affilate Marketing? Redirect to nearest store

You are likely to have visitors from all over the world if you have a blog - but not all every affiliate marketing partners ship internationally. Use Clickable.me to redirect your readers to different partners based continent or country with an industry leading 99.8% accuracy.

Guests can access the location information on a per continent level.

Enrich URLs with data

IP address data can be expensive - let Clickable.me enrich your tiny urls with information about the viewer as they are being redirected instead.

Speed Comparison

Redirecting users will always be slightly slower than sending them directly to your website. All URL shorteners are not created equal though - some are faster than others. It all boils down to where the servers responsible for the redirect are located in relation to your users.

Clickable.me is built to be blazing fast ⚑️ around the globe.

Location Bitly Clickable T.ly Short.io
1 πŸ‘‘ 5 0 2
Frankfurt 91.04ms 34.43ms 159.64ms 24.34ms
Amsterdam 96.21ms 30.8ms 149.62ms 49.41ms
London 86.77ms 18.45ms 127.48ms 73.06ms
New York 14.54ms 25.3ms 70.36ms 52.04ms
San Francisco 75.4ms 47.85ms 128.29ms 254.17ms
Singapore 221.61ms 23.21ms 300.58ms 301.76ms
Sydney 203.75ms 261.95ms 419.29ms 108.77ms
Bangalore 266.41ms 23.34ms 339.96ms 443.69ms
How was this test conducted?

A simple redirect was created for each of the sites compared. All of them redirecting to the same page (Reddit.com, not that it matters). The url was then tested using KeyCDNs Performance tool.

The tool was executed four times in quick succession for each of url shorteners. The first result was discarded for all of the providers, giving them all optimal caching conditions. The table below shows the average of the time to first byte of the three runs.

KeyCDN was chosen as none of these services use it (that would give them an unfair proximity advantage) and because the performance tool does not follow redirects, allowing us to measure the time for the actual redirect instead of how long it takes to load the final site.

I encourage you to do your own testing. Your milage may vary.

Enrich with Viewer Data

You can add viewer data to the redirect destination using token replacement. Clickable.me automatically detects if any of these tokens in the table below appears in the destination URL and will substitute before redirecting the user.

For example https://example.com/[COUNTRY_CODE]/article.html would redirect a user from Denmark to https://example.com/DK/article.html while a viewer from Canada would be redirect to https://example.com/CA/article.html

Geographical data is based on the users IP address. Device information is derived from the user-agent header supplied by the users browser. Do not rely on this data for authentication.

Token Example Comment
CONTINENT_CODE NA 2 letter continent code based on ISO 3166-2 standard, 99.8% precision based on IP
CONTINENT_NAME North America Possible values Africa/Antarctica/Asia/Europe/North America/Oceania/South America
COUNTRY_CODE CA 2 letter country code based on ISO 3166-2 standard, 99.8% precision based on IP
COUNTRY_NAME Canada Country name in English
REGION_CODE BC Region code based on ISO 3166-2 standard, best effort
REGION_NAME British Columbia Region name in English
POSTAL_CODE V7L Format depends on country, best-effort
CITY_NAME North Vancouver English city name, best-effort
DEVICE_TYPE Desktop Desktop/Mobile/Tablet/SmartTv
DEVICE_OS Windows Android/IOS/Windows/Linux/MacOS/Unix

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clickable.me free?

Yes, it is free to shorten urls using Clickable.me You do not even have to sign in. Just shorten away!

How long is my link available?

Short urls created with guest accounts are kept alive for a minimum of 30 days. The url might be recycled after this period to allow our links to be very short.

Can I edit my short URLs once created?

Editing short URLs created requires an account.

Is there a limit on use of filters?

You can add as many or few filters to each destination as you like. However, links created without having an account is limited to 5 filtered destinations (+ a default).

How do I create an account?

Clickable.me is currently in closed beta. You can sign up for our waitlist here.